West Indian Ocean Governance and Exchange Network

Veronica van der Schyff

Veronica is a PhD student from the North-West University, South Africa. She has spent the last 6 years studying the impacts of various pollutants on coral reefs in the western Indian Ocean. In September 2014, she had the life changing opportunity to participate in the Mascarene Coral Island Expedition and, with a team of six […]

Dr Stephanie Plön

Stephanie Plön is a marine biologist at the Bayworld Centre for Research and Education in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Her research interests focus on whales and dolphins (cetaceans), specifically their natural history, trophic ecology, anatomy, population genetics, strandings and health. For this she uses a diverse array of research methods and also collaborates widely with […]

Emojong Mercy Amai

“Be epitome of energetic, young female scientist intent on making professional wave in ocean governance“ What accomplishment are you most proud of? “Being part of small contingent of female Environment and Maritime subject matter experts in Kenya, the EAC and COMESA economic region. I hope to be a role model in empowering Africans to take […]

Kick Off Conference – Zanzibar 7&8 November

We were excited to welcome 40 delegates from Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Australia and Germany to Zanzibar for the Kick-Off Conference of WIOGEN – Co-hosted by WIOMSA. The two days included enthusiastic discussion over the role that WIOGEN can play in the region. Using the three WIOGEN themes, working groups were established […]

WIOGEN Management Committee

The management committee will be responsible for choosing focus areas for research and capacity development; providing advice on geographic spread of activities; setting the agenda for events and selecting scientists and policy makers for exchanges and early career scientists and women in science to be showcased on newsletter and website.

Save the Date – Kick-off Conference

The WIOGEN Network will kick off with a conference on the 7th and 8th of November 2019. This conference will be an opportunity to identify the priority objectives for the network and how to most effectively undertake the project activities to maximise the opportunities for science to policy work in the region. There are a […]

WIOGEN Begins!

The West Indian Ocean Governance and Exchange Network was launched at the WIOMSA Symposium in Mauritius this July. The network, which focuses specifically on ocean and coastal governance, bridges the social and marine sciences and offers opportunities for joint publishing, training and capacity development in the region. It is designed to be inclusive and participatory, […]

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